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Swayze Noir FBA


There has always been a problem in combat sports and it’s that there’s a shortage of quality learning materials and opportunities, Fight Business Academy, or FBA, is the perfect solution to that problem. With a combination of live Bootcamps in Las Vegas, Nevada, Online Courses, One-on-one mentoring, and group chat memberships students have access to real world training and behind the scenes access to the world of Combat Sports. Fight Business Academy is now live, check it out at

Word On the Street Podcast 108 Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch


This is an amazing interview I did with Word On the Street Podcast. This interview went from discussing my unique entry into this fantastic career to a great discussion about my personal experience with Traumatic Brain Injury (or TBI). This interview covers some really important ground for the sport and I got the chance to help some people though TBI who were on the call. This interview was a true honor and I can’t say enough about this experience. This has me thinking that there is a lot more I can do to help others with TBI. Thank you so much for taking the time to check this out, your support means the world to me!

Compassion in the Cage: The Tao of a Cutman


“I’ll be there long before the bright lights go on and long after the stands empty

I’ll be there in the locker room crafting gauze and tape into functional art while watching ten thousand things run in your mind

I’ll be there when you’re hurt, bleeding, your lungs are on fire, and your whole body screams to quit

I’ll be there to pick you up when you fall

I’ll be there for your victories, and I’ll help you with the tough lessons you’ll learn along the way

I’ll be there through the tears in the locker room and the joy of your hand raised

Your personal doubts, fear, pain, sacrifice, and glory are an expression of all of our humanity

Mind and body, science and soul I’ll be there for you. It is my honor, it is my way”

Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch

Superior Cage Combat 3


Superior Cage Combat 3 was another exciting night that featured some incredible fights. For fans of stand up brawls, Shawn Fitzsimmons K.O. victory over WEC Veteran Blas Avena was a slugfest that kept fans on their feet the entire match. For submission fans Cameron Diffley’s incredible transition into an arm bar against the very ground-savvy Sidney Silva earned him a much deserved “Submission of the Night” bonus. There was a grudge rematch between Phil Dace and Dave Terrel from SCC1, which ended in Dace securing a unanimous decision. Also an in the main event was an incredibly even match between John Alessio and Luiz Firmino that went the distance in which Alessio was able to earn a decision victory.

SCC3 featured the first SCC Middleweight Championship fight between Bristol Marunde and Jay Silva. During the weigh-ins both fighters made very bold predictions on how they would quickly end the fight but in the cage the fight went an incredible 5 rounds of pure heart and determination. Both fighters were executing their game plans with incredible results. Marunde’s superior grappling earned him big takedowns and dominant positions on the ground with several near submissions. Silva’s powerful striking was a constant threat with several of them damaging Marunde, especially in the third round where he was cut wide open above his left eye.

That cut was exactly what shows the importance of well-trained Cutmen. It was a Championship Fight for the first ever SCC Middleweight Belt and if the cut couldn’t be stopped the Ringside Physicians would have every reason to call an end to the fight. The cut was deep enough that it took my entire cotton swab to fill it and I used several things my mentor Jacob “Stitch” Duran taught me in order to stop the bleeding. I kept the wound dry for two more action packed rounds despite Silva’s attempts to open up the cut with strikes. Bristol came away with the unanimous decision victory becoming the first SCC Middleweight Champion.

I received several compliments on my work that night which really made my night. Thank you to everyone who took the time to tell me they liked the wraps or that they appreciated the work I did for them in the cage. Those moments mean the world to me.  For me some of the things I enjoy the most are small details like getting a fighter to laugh and ease up a little as I wrap their hands or just letting them know that I can take care of the cut in between rounds and that they don’t need to worry about it, those are some of the moments I remember.

Thank you to everyone at SCC for letting me be a part of such a great show, you guys are awesome!

Tuff N Uff August 26th 2011


This event kept me very busy from the minute I arrived. Fortunately for me I had help from a friend of mine who was helping me wrap hands in the locker rooms. I was glad to have some help because there were a ton of sign ups for hand wraps and I knew that I needed a hand in order to get ringside to help out the fighters in case they needed me.

I had some very intense work that night and I’m very happy to have an excellent Medical Staff to work with which is always the case in Las Vegas. In between myself, the Ringside Physicians, and the E.M.T.’s all the fighters were well take care of when they needed us. I dealt with the most significant facial swelling to date during this event and because of the training I’ve received I was able to significantly reduce it so that the fighter could continue without any worries of impaired vision.

There was also a hyperextended elbow that required some very delicate care including cutting off the fighter’s glove without moving his arm, which would have been a nightmare without the Doctors helping me brace the arm while I cut.

The last injury I dealt with was a very rare dislocated finger injury that resulted from a fighter putting is hands out the wrong way while he was getting taken down. The fighter really kept up his spirits while I carefully cut his glove off of his hand so that the Doctor could reset it properly. When the Doctor reset the fighter’s finger with a firm pull he had some colorful language as expected but he had a smile on his face the whole time and thanked us for our help.

Because this is a Cutman blog I’m focusing on my end of the action that night and I’ll leave all the fight analysis to the writers who focus on that part of the game but I will put in my two cents on one of the Championship fights the Liz McCarthy vs Jordan McDonald fight was spectacular! Those two put on an amazing show and I had no idea which way the fight would go until Liz went for a flying triangle and landed it! That made her the new 110-pound champ! Congratulations to Liz and I’m sure we will see Jordan back in action soon she is one tough competitor.

That’s it for now, I’ll see you guys soon! Take care and Train hard!

Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch™,Cutman

“Keeping Fighters in the Fight”™

Superior Cage Combat 2


Superior Cage Combat 2 raised the bar from their incredible debut in May with an even more impressive fight card and a great new location, The Orleans Arena. SCC2 featured amazing fights such as Josh Neer vs. Blas Alvena, John Alessio vs. Shawn Fitzsimmons (who deserves a ton of credit for taking the fight on short notice against such a high caliber opponent), Justin Buchholz vs. Thiago Meller, John Gunderson vs. James Birdsley, Bristol Marunde vs. Victor Moreno, Elvis Mutapcic vs Cesar Ferreira, Chase Gormley vs. Beau Tribolet, Danny Davis Jr. vs. Mike Dizak, and Jimmy Jones vs. David Bollea.

That night was full of the kind of fights everyone wants to see. There were intense grudge matches, incredible submissions, wicked ground and pound, and some lightning fast knockouts! That’s something for everyone no matter how you want to see fights finished.

The first few fights of the night didn’t require too much work, mostly just some minor swelling but as the night went on I was kept pretty busy which was good for me because during the intermission my mentor Jacob “Stitch” Duran came over to ringside and let me know he’d been watching the whole time and he told me I was doing a great job! That’s awesome!! For me or any other Cutman there is no higher compliment than having Stitch tell you you’re doing great work because not only is he the best Cutman in the world but he never sugarcoats anything, so he means everything he says.

The after party at Cathouse at the Luxor was a great way to unwind from the event and talk with everybody. SCC also handed out awards for submission of the night, fight of the night and knockout of the night, which was cool bonus for the fighters. None of the fighters looked like they had been in a fight, which was pretty incredible considering the intensity of all the fights that night. One of my favorite moments was seeing Beau Tribolet and Chase Gormley drinking together and laughing while they discussed their fight from a few hours ago, that’s some great sportsmanship!

I’m also glad I had time to chill out with photographers Joe Pic and Jamie Stephenson who both took some great pics of me that night. Joe Pic has been taking the most incredible pictures of me and all the action in and out of the cage forever. Not only that but he is as loyal as a friend can get which is an admirable trait. If you need a photographer/videographer for anything he is definitely at the top of the list. Jamie Stephenson is also a great photographer who is working along side of Joe Pic and she is taking some incredible shots also. Jamie is also great at taking artistic studio photos, I recently did a shoot with her and the shots look really sharp.

I have plenty of events coming up so I will keep in touch, take care!

Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch™, Cutman

“Keeping Fighters in the Fight”™

You can check out Joe Pic at

You can check out Jamie Stephenson at

Sin City MMA July 30th


Sin City MMA was a great Amateur MMA show at the Southpoint Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Sin City MMA uses the Boxing Ring, which has its advantages and disadvantages for MMA. The disadvantages include interference in the action for some takedowns when the fighter is pushed through the ropes enough to stop the action but the plus side is the corners having easy access to the fighters in between rounds which is a great asset.

That night I was staying busy wrapping hands in the locker rooms with 9 fighters to wrap. That was great to be able to work with that many people and get familiar with them or getting to catch up with some fighters I haven’t seen in a few shows.

Ringside I was kept busy as usual with some nosebleeds and a knockout and one unfortunate twisted knee in a one in a million entanglement in the ropes. But as is always the case in Las Vegas I had a great group of medical professionals to work with to give the fighters the level of care they deserve.

The promoters were very nice people who are also behind the Sub1 Submission tournament. In case you missed the first Sub1 Tournament it looks to be another great platform for grapplers to test their skills on the mat against some top-level opponents. For more info please check out Sin City Fight Promotions at

Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch™, Cutman

“Keeping Fighters in the Fight”™

July 4th G2 Summit Weekend 2011


The 2011 G2 Summit weekend was about as diverse and exciting as MMA gets. For those of you unfamiliar with G2 Summit it is a series of MMA Seminars, networking opportunities, and MMA competition all with the common focus of women’s MMA.

For me the G2/July4th weekend started out on Thursday with weigh-ins for Tuff N Uff: The Future Stars of MMA. The weigh-ins were held poolside at Hooters Hotel and Casino which made the process feel a little more like a vacation but still tons of energy from all the fighters.

Friday I opened up for Michele “Diablita” Gutierrez and Tony “The Freak” Fryklund for their Boxing for MMA seminar at Throwdown Gym. Michele asked me to stop by and do a training hand wrap demo and I was more than happy to be a part of the seminar. After everyone arrived I gave the ladies a quick overview of the anatomy of the hand and some of my experiences as a Cutman dealing with injured hands. After that I went through a full training hand wrap demo and everyone followed along and looked great by the time we were finished. Thankfully I had the best MMA photographer in town Joe Pic available to make it and get some incredible shots of the seminar.

One thing that made the seminar have an extra buzz to it was the presence of a CNN film crew with reporter Amber Lyons taking part in the seminar and getting to know more about women in MMA. They were filming the G2 Summit weekend and interviewing several fighters, coaches, and several other people in order to get a good amount of footage for their special on Women’s MMA.

The women who attended Michele and Tony’s Seminar had a great time and were all raving about the quality of instruction they received. It was very fulfilling getting to meet so many enthusiastic fighters who soaked up the information like a sponge.

By the time the seminar was over I just had enough time to stop by my favorite restaurant in Vegas, Pin Kaow to grab some food before I headed over to Cox Pavilion for Tuff N Uff.

Tuff N Uff was extremely high energy as it always is but this time there were six Championship Belts on the line so the crowd really got to have a good time. The CNN crew was on hand to meet with some of the women fighting for the belts that night including Jessamyn “The Gun” Duke and Autumn Richardson as they battled for the Featherweight Title.

There were a few stars in the locker rooms helping their fighters out like UFC Star Frank Mir in the corner of John Gettle and Strikeforce Heavyweight standout Fabricio Werdum in the corner of Kaiyana Rain.  Other notable MMA trainers working that night included Renzo Asparria, Shawn Tompkins, Ron Frazier, and may more.  Also in attendance was Randy “The Natural” Couture for the inaugural Tuff N Uff “Randy Couture Heavyweight Title Belt “

I was very flattered to have a long list of sign-ups for my hand wraps, seeing how passionate the fighters were to have me get them ready is amazing. I sincerely apologize to anyone who’s hands I did not get a chance to wrap, I will make sure that I wrap you next time, again I apologize.

After the night was finally over I headed home to get some much needed rest because CNN had asked me to do an interview with them the following day and I wanted to be at my best.

I met up with Michele Gutierrez at Throwdown around 10:30am and helped her and the CNN crew get all the footage they needed for that day, then it was tie for my interview. The interview seemed very natural and it felt like a normal conversation with a friend. Amber Lyons was a great interviewer and she asked me some very insightful questions. Amber and the crew made me feel at ease so it was easy to just talk and not feel any pressure. Thank you guys so much for the opportunity!

Later that night I went with my girlfriend to an official G2 Summit UFC 132 viewing party at Lagasse Stadium at the Palazzo Hotel and Casino. Lagasse Stadium is an amazing sports bar meets ultra-lounge hangout and as I would expect from Emeril Lagasse the food was incredible! The UFC viewing party was hosted by three notable women’s MMA fighters including Strikeforce Champion Cris Cyborg, Michele Gutierrez, and Kim Couture who made everyone feel welcome at the event.

To close out the weekend several of the G2 attendees came to Azure Luxury Pool at the Palazzo hosted by Kim Couture where we sat in an amazing cabana with a misting system, air conditioning, very comfortable lounge furniture, and a very attentive and professional staff who constantly replaced our ice chest of Fiji water and brought us some incredibly tasty food. It was an incredible experience and my girlfriend and I thanked everyone for the over the top hospitality we received. We got some sun and had some laughs while we listened to the great DJ and had an awesome time, it truly was the perfect end to the G2 weekend.

Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch, Cutman™

“Keeping Fighters in the Fight”™

Tuff N Uff May 27th 2011


Tuff N Uff came back with a bang on the 27th at their new venue the Cox Pavilion! Everything about this new venue was taken up a notch and it made for a spectacular event. Since I have started working with Tuff N Uff their events have made very steady but significant improvements to each show. From the lighting to the use of a cage instead of a boxing ring there is always something new and improved for the audience to enjoy. This time the exciting new weigh-in location Sky Combat Ace added a new spark as a charity Aerial Combat games between MMA stars set a dramatic backdrop for this new Tuff N Uff. There was definitely an increase in media exposure and a good buzz about the fights that were scheduled.

The event itself was wild with some extremely well matched fighters who looked for the finish from bell to bell. Everyone in attendance got to see an amazing array of finishes from choke outs to knockouts and some really close fights that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

For me the story of that night was a new kind of excitement for me. The other Cutman that was hired to wrap hands with me was Don House from the UFC! This was my first time working with Don and he was great! He had a very easygoing demeanor and we got along great from the second he walked in the locker room. We made a great team and worked together very well to make sure that everyone who needed hand wraps got taken care of. He was extremely generous with his praise of my wraps and told me that he would report to my mentor “Stitch” what a good job I was doing. I thanked him for his kind words and took the elevator up to the arena to start working my corner.

When I got ringside I found out that through a misunderstanding in scheduling I was the only Cutman who was working ringside that night and I got nervous thinking about how I was going to pull off working two corners at once. As I was walking around the cage checking in with everyone I heard a loud and clear voice yell my name. I turned around and there was my mentor “Stitch” calling me over! I ran over and greeted him in the customary manner for a student and master in the Thai tradition with a Wai (hands together in a prayer fashion at the bridge of the nose instead of at the tip of the chin to show the deepest respect possible). Stitch is always the perfect person for me to talk to when I have questions about anything in MMA, and that night was no exception. I told him about me being the only Cutman scheduled and I admitted that I was pretty nervous about doing an entire show by myself, which is not a common practice. He replied “I know you can handle it, I have faith in you”. That was al the boost I needed and I kept a close eye on both corners all night and just like Stitch said I handled everything and gave all the fighters the care they needed.

I also got to meet a bunch of great people that night including all the crew from Vegas hotspot experts “Lucy Vegas” and Kathy Huang Little who owns and instructs at Jeff Speakman Kenpo 5.0 school here in Las Vegas. Thank you Kathy for helping make my night go so smoothly and I wish you and your school the best of luck! As always thank you to Barry and Jeff Meyer for the opportunity to work such an exciting show and thank you to Kerry for being such a wonderful person to work with all the time!

After taking some more pictures with people I packed up my stuff and headed out to one of my sponsors “Fight Dentist” who was having a Grand Opening where they unveiled their stunning new Dental Office/Retail store. There was a DJ on hand and a great mix of people from all areas of the local MMA scene including photographers like Joe Pic, Ring Girls Stephanie Ann Cook and Alizee Dipaola, one of my sponsors Joe Unitas from UniSkin, a big crew from the charity group “It Ain’t Chemo”, MMA star Michele Gutierrez, and my girlfriend Carey and her friend Lindsay stopped by to support the event. Fight Dentist is also carrying my towel the “Tenacity” by UniSkin! Thank you Fight Dentist!

The night went incredibly well and even though I was exhausted by the time my night was over I loved it and I can’t wait to do it again! Take care and train hard!

Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch™ Cutman

“Keeping Fighters in the Fight”™

Superior Cage Combat 1


The inaugural Superior Cage Combat was an amazing event. The promoters purchased a stunning 30ft cage from Throwdown and set it up in the Bally’s event center. It was my first time working an event inside Bally’s and I didn’t know what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it was a huge room with excellent sound and a very comfortable set up for moving around the ring and back and fourth from the locker rooms.

The Superior Cage Combat Ring Girls were all from the Luxor Hotel and Casino’s “Fantasy” show and they kept the crowd going in between rounds. They were all very cool ladies. For more info on the “Fantasy” show check out

The event started off with a very memorable national anthem sung by a very talented young lady who I hope gets plenty of gigs off this event. The camera crew did an excellent job of capturing all the action. They did such a good job that I was using the big screen half the time to keep track of how the fighters were doing even though I was sitting cageside.

Part of the broadcast crew included John Morgan of MMA Junkie and BMX star T.J. Lavin who has made a miraculous recovery from his devastating injuries from his October 2010 crash. For more info please check out

Other than some growing pains in the first couple of fights the show was very smoothly run.  I really have to give the promoters credit for being able to adapt on the fly when small mishaps occurred.

The fights were amazing and even though there were some controversial decisions, some involving some very over stimulated fans, the night was full of excitement. The fighters did a great job of setting the bar high for this inaugural Superior Cage Combat.

As always the Nevada State Athletic Commission was amazing to work with and Executive Director Keith Kizer was on hand to supervise all the action along with NSAC inspector Charlie Anzalone and an all-star crew of Physicians and referees including Chris Tognoni and Steve Mazzagatti! I love getting to work with top caliber talent in every aspect of the sport and the people I just mentioned are some of the hardest working and least recognized people in MMA.

I also got to work with my friend Robert McMullin’s cousin Billy Olson who is a very experienced Cutman. He was a very cool guy to work with and just like the promoters he rolled with the punches all night and kept his cool.

I also had the fortune of having photographer Joe Pic working the event who always knows how to get some incredible shots of all the action, that guy is awesome to work with! Check him out at

I would also like to thank Superior Cage Combat for donating a generous prize package to for its 1 year Anniversary. Thanks guys you’re awesome!

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