Sin City MMA July 30th


Sin City MMA was a great Amateur MMA show at the Southpoint Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Sin City MMA uses the Boxing Ring, which has its advantages and disadvantages for MMA. The disadvantages include interference in the action for some takedowns when the fighter is pushed through the ropes enough to stop the action but the plus side is the corners having easy access to the fighters in between rounds which is a great asset.

That night I was staying busy wrapping hands in the locker rooms with 9 fighters to wrap. That was great to be able to work with that many people and get familiar with them or getting to catch up with some fighters I haven’t seen in a few shows.

Ringside I was kept busy as usual with some nosebleeds and a knockout and one unfortunate twisted knee in a one in a million entanglement in the ropes. But as is always the case in Las Vegas I had a great group of medical professionals to work with to give the fighters the level of care they deserve.

The promoters were very nice people who are also behind the Sub1 Submission tournament. In case you missed the first Sub1 Tournament it looks to be another great platform for grapplers to test their skills on the mat against some top-level opponents. For more info please check out Sin City Fight Promotions at

Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch™, Cutman

“Keeping Fighters in the Fight”™

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