Superior Cage Combat 2


Superior Cage Combat 2 raised the bar from their incredible debut in May with an even more impressive fight card and a great new location, The Orleans Arena. SCC2 featured amazing fights such as Josh Neer vs. Blas Alvena, John Alessio vs. Shawn Fitzsimmons (who deserves a ton of credit for taking the fight on short notice against such a high caliber opponent), Justin Buchholz vs. Thiago Meller, John Gunderson vs. James Birdsley, Bristol Marunde vs. Victor Moreno, Elvis Mutapcic vs Cesar Ferreira, Chase Gormley vs. Beau Tribolet, Danny Davis Jr. vs. Mike Dizak, and Jimmy Jones vs. David Bollea.

That night was full of the kind of fights everyone wants to see. There were intense grudge matches, incredible submissions, wicked ground and pound, and some lightning fast knockouts! That’s something for everyone no matter how you want to see fights finished.

The first few fights of the night didn’t require too much work, mostly just some minor swelling but as the night went on I was kept pretty busy which was good for me because during the intermission my mentor Jacob “Stitch” Duran came over to ringside and let me know he’d been watching the whole time and he told me I was doing a great job! That’s awesome!! For me or any other Cutman there is no higher compliment than having Stitch tell you you’re doing great work because not only is he the best Cutman in the world but he never sugarcoats anything, so he means everything he says.

The after party at Cathouse at the Luxor was a great way to unwind from the event and talk with everybody. SCC also handed out awards for submission of the night, fight of the night and knockout of the night, which was cool bonus for the fighters. None of the fighters looked like they had been in a fight, which was pretty incredible considering the intensity of all the fights that night. One of my favorite moments was seeing Beau Tribolet and Chase Gormley drinking together and laughing while they discussed their fight from a few hours ago, that’s some great sportsmanship!

I’m also glad I had time to chill out with photographers Joe Pic and Jamie Stephenson who both took some great pics of me that night. Joe Pic has been taking the most incredible pictures of me and all the action in and out of the cage forever. Not only that but he is as loyal as a friend can get which is an admirable trait. If you need a photographer/videographer for anything he is definitely at the top of the list. Jamie Stephenson is also a great photographer who is working along side of Joe Pic and she is taking some incredible shots also. Jamie is also great at taking artistic studio photos, I recently did a shoot with her and the shots look really sharp.

I have plenty of events coming up so I will keep in touch, take care!

Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch™, Cutman

“Keeping Fighters in the Fight”™

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