Tuff N Uff August 26th 2011


This event kept me very busy from the minute I arrived. Fortunately for me I had help from a friend of mine who was helping me wrap hands in the locker rooms. I was glad to have some help because there were a ton of sign ups for hand wraps and I knew that I needed a hand in order to get ringside to help out the fighters in case they needed me.

I had some very intense work that night and I’m very happy to have an excellent Medical Staff to work with which is always the case in Las Vegas. In between myself, the Ringside Physicians, and the E.M.T.’s all the fighters were well take care of when they needed us. I dealt with the most significant facial swelling to date during this event and because of the training I’ve received I was able to significantly reduce it so that the fighter could continue without any worries of impaired vision.

There was also a hyperextended elbow that required some very delicate care including cutting off the fighter’s glove without moving his arm, which would have been a nightmare without the Doctors helping me brace the arm while I cut.

The last injury I dealt with was a very rare dislocated finger injury that resulted from a fighter putting is hands out the wrong way while he was getting taken down. The fighter really kept up his spirits while I carefully cut his glove off of his hand so that the Doctor could reset it properly. When the Doctor reset the fighter’s finger with a firm pull he had some colorful language as expected but he had a smile on his face the whole time and thanked us for our help.

Because this is a Cutman blog I’m focusing on my end of the action that night and I’ll leave all the fight analysis to the writers who focus on that part of the game but I will put in my two cents on one of the Championship fights the Liz McCarthy vs Jordan McDonald fight was spectacular! Those two put on an amazing show and I had no idea which way the fight would go until Liz went for a flying triangle and landed it! That made her the new 110-pound champ! Congratulations to Liz and I’m sure we will see Jordan back in action soon she is one tough competitor.

That’s it for now, I’ll see you guys soon! Take care and Train hard!

Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch™,Cutman

“Keeping Fighters in the Fight”™

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