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Fight Business Academy makes it’s debut with incredible reviews!

Swayze Noir FBA

There has always been a problem in combat sports and it’s that there’s a shortage of quality learning materials and opportunities, Fight Business Academy, or FBA, is the perfect solution to that problem. With a combination of live Bootcamps in Las Vegas, Nevada, Online Courses, One-on-one mentoring, and group chat memberships students have access to real world training and behind the scenes access to the world of Combat Sports.

Word On the Street Podcast 108 Adrian “Tenacity” Rosenbusch


This interview covers some really important ground for the sport and I got the chance to help some people though TBI who were on the call. This interview was a true honor and I can’t say enough about this experience. This has me thinking that there is a lot more I can do to help others with TBI. Thank you so much for taking the time to check this out, your support means the world to me!

Compassion in the Cage: The Tao of a Cutman


Mind and body, Science and soul I’ll be there for you. It is my honor, it is my way

Superior Cage Combat 3


Superior Cage Combat 3 was another exciting night that featured some incredible fights. For fans of stand up brawls, Shawn Fitzsimmons K.O. victory over WEC Veteran Blas Avena was a slugfest that kept fans on their feet the entire match. For submission fans Cameron Diffley’s incredible transition into an arm bar against the very ground-savvy Sidney Silva earned him a much deserved “Submission of the Night” bonus. There was a grudge rematch between Phil Dace and Dave Terrel from SCC1, which ended in Dace securing a unanimous decision. Also an in the main event was an incredibly even match between John Alessio and Luiz Firmino that went the distance in which Alessio was able to earn a decision victory.

Tuff N Uff August 26th 2011


The last injury I dealt with was a very rare dislocated finger injury that resulted from a fighter putting is hands out the wrong way while he was getting taken down. The fighter really kept up his spirits while I carefully cut his glove off of his hand so that the Doctor could reset it properly. When the Doctor reset the fighter’s finger with a firm pull he had some colorful language as expected but he had a smile on his face the whole time and thanked us for our help.

Superior Cage Combat 2


Superior Cage Combat 2 raised the bar from their incredible debut in May with an even more impressive fight card and a great new location, The Orleans Arena. SCC2 featured amazing fights such as Josh Neer vs. Blas Alvena, John Alessio vs. Shawn Fitzsimmons (who deserves a ton of credit for taking the fight on short notice against such a high caliber opponent), Justin Buchholz vs. Thiago Meller, John Gunderson vs. James Birdsley, Bristol Marunde vs. Victor Moreno, Elvis Mutapcic vs Cesar Ferreira, Chase Gormley vs. Beau Tribolet, Danny Davis Jr. vs. Mike Dizak, and Jimmy Jones vs. David Bollea.

Sin City MMA July 30th


Sin City MMA was a great Amateur MMA show at the Southpoint Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Sin City MMA uses the Boxing Ring, which has its advantages and disadvantages for MMA. The disadvantages include interference in the action for some takedowns when the fighter is pushed through the ropes enough to stop the action but the plus side is the corners having easy access to the fighters in between rounds which is a great asset.

July 4th G2 Summit Weekend 2011


The 2011 G2 Summit weekend was about as diverse and exciting as MMA gets. For those of you unfamiliar with G2 Summit it is a series of MMA Seminars, networking opportunities, and MMA competition all with the common focus of women’s MMA.

Tuff N Uff May 27th 2011


Tuff N Uff came back with a bang on the 27th at their new venue the Cox Pavilion! Everything about this new venue was taken up a notch and it made for a spectacular event.

Superior Cage Combat 1


As always the Nevada State Athletic Commission was amazing to work with and Executive Director Keith Kizer was on hand to supervise all the action along with NSAC inspector Charlie Anzalone and an all-star crew of Physicians and referees including Chris Tognoni and Steve Mazzagatti! I love getting to work with top caliber talent in every aspect of the sport and the people I just mentioned are some of the hardest working and least recognized people in MMA.

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